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our way to Eternal Peace

With the turn of 1989/90 we proved that we, the people, can change our society and our world peacefully, without the use of force!

The politicians and those responsible have supported us in a creative way.

We had a dream of a peaceful world

the creation of a new society!

As far as I can remember, our Foreign Minister, Ms. Annalena Baerbock, put it as follows:

We leaders and politicians are servants of the state - and after a long break - and its citizens.

We should put it more sharply:

Those responsible and politicians are servants of the citizens

and the state serves to fulfill this responsibility in the best possible way.

When the Red Army withdrew after reunification, I assumed that the western powers would also withdraw.

Those responsible were aware of the consequences (1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis) and successfully resolved them at the time.

What changed the view of Putin that he expressed before the Bundestag in 2001?


Those responsible in our country had the knowledge and the competence (e.g. Bundespräsident Steinmeier - "saber rattling") to avoid this war.

In my view, the creation of a military-free zone from the Baltic to the Black Sea would ensure peace in Europe and the world. A neutral federation of states under the protection of the UNO and all states of this earth is still feasible today.

I call it

Eastern European Union!

States and areas (Crimea, Donbas, ...) can join this confederation of states.

Natural language is optimally adapted for humans. It has developed in a long-lasting evolutionary process. It is our most powerful tool, our most powerful weapon!

Our language is more powerful than guns, tanks, missiles and nuclear bombs!

Worldwide free communication via the Internet opens up new ways of further developing our democracy and shaping our society.

Japan obviously got the meaning right:

Japan: ”Society 5.0 will change the world”


It was left to humans to provide technical systems with the ability to implement information processes. This ability was already achieved by mechanical means, but has become more evident with the development of computing technology, because in the last forty years it has become effective to an unprecedented extent.

This new quality is made clear by the fact that languages ​​are used to communicate with this technology, to impart and to activate knowledge.

"Leibniz's idea was to formalize all sciences in a unified, yet to be invented universal language in order to be able to reduce the solution of all scientific problems to the mechanical, algorithmic handling of symbols. In April 1679 he was quite sure that he could realize this idea. In a letter to his employer, Duke Johann Friedrich von Braunschweig, he writes: 'If God your Hochfürstl. Your Highness still had the idea of merely granting me that the 1200 talers, [...]

Because my invention includes

- the use of all reason,

- a judge for all disputes,

- an explanation of the terms,

- a scale for the probabilities,

- a compass that guides us across the ocean of experiences,

- an inventory of things,

- a table of thoughts,

- a microscope to explore the things at hand,

- a telescope for guessing the distant ones,

- a general calculation,

- a harmless magic,

- a non-chimeric Kabbalah,

- a script that everyone can read in their own language;

- and even a language that can be learned in just a few weeks and that will soon be accepted all over the world. And bringing true religion with her wherever she goes.'

We live in a time in which the 'Leibniz program' touted in this letter has become reality in many respects: the languages of modern formal logic, the formulas of modern mathematics and the programming languages for modern computers can in some respects be considered the realization of this program.”

Klaus Glashoff, Hamburg: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - the utopia of the thinking machine


(Structuring and emphasis by the author)

I call our languages “Lingua Universalis” after Leibniz.


In the speech on Unity Day 2017, the Federal President said:

"We have to be honest"


and he involves himself and he is involved like many other responsible persons! http://www.icsroscher.de/Innovation/Partner.htm

What is the advantage for our country, the EU and our society as a whole if we can also “talk” to one another honestly, securely and trustingly in natural language over the internet?

CATI (Computer Aided Trust Internet) - the secure Internet


The goal of CATI is the development of a secure Internet that treats the user like a familiar person, with whom he can confidently communicate using natural language.

- CATI is safe and is organized voluntarily in small, personally trusted groups in a grassroots-democratic manner.

- The user is the developer of the languages for user-computer communication.

- All viruses, trojans and other threats are intercepted by the qualified and organized professional before they reach the user. The development of CATI includes speech recognition and is developed up to speech understanding and recognition of the speaker. Existing programming languages are being developed in the direction of natural languages in such a way that every user can program the computers in their natural language.

The core of CATI is Leibniz "Lingua Universalis" and includes all natural languages. First applications were first developed in the development of systems for intelligent patient monitoring ((BrainScope, HeartScope & PhysioCord). In this sense, these systems represent the first applications of CATI. With the grassroots-democratic organized CATI we also come to a new quality of democracy and society and - if we follow Udo Lindenberg's song and Immanuel Kant's ingenious idea -

to eternal peace!


Dr. Günther Roscher

Klein Ammensleben, 17. Juni 2023

ICS Dr. G. Roscher GmbH

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