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UoA – University of Athens, Faculty of Geology, Remote Sensing Laboratory

The University of Athens (Greece) has full competence in the project activity field. The University of Athens (Geology and Geoenvironment Faculty, Department of Geography and Climatology) constitutes a principal computing, research, and environmental pole within the Greek academic society. The partner having a well-justified background in the development of initiatives in environmental field provides a well-structured team composition up to the project’s necessities. A particular feature appointing its vital performance in the aforementioned fields is the fact that operates as a decentralized network of research bodies and institutions via the expansion of affiliated experts covering a wide range of disciplines. The team members, specialized in the research, the preservation and the intensification of natural elements via both their academic activities and their participation in numerous European projects, derive from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds: Remote sensing, GIS applications, Digital image processing and geophysical data processing and analysis, Database management systems, Geostatistical modeling, Geohazard studies, Geoexploration and earth sciences (geology, geomorphology, hydrology).


Coordinator Prof. Dr. Dr. MSc Niki Evelpidou

is a professor in the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of the University of Athens and a research fellow of the Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Athens. Additionally, prof. Evelpidou is a founding member of an international research institute involved in the research, preservation and dissemination of natural heritage, the GeoCultural Park of Eastern Aegean, where she is the General Secretariat of the Administrative and the Scientific Council and the director of the Working Group of Terrestrial and Aquatic Environment.

Main scientific interests: Geomorphology, Natural Hazards, GIS, Remote Sensing. She has over 85 publications in scientific congresses and journals. She has participated in more than 100 scientific projects (national and European) and has been a national representative in more that 45 European meetings. She is a scientific consultant in the municipality of Thera on subjects of Geomorphology and Management of natural and man-made characteristics of the landscape.


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